Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

What Is Aerial Fiber Optic Cable?

Aerial fiber optic cables are used hanging in the pole around our daily life.To adjust to tough outdoor environment and prevent fiber theft, the aerial fiber optic cable is made up of different materials, which is not the same as a typical fiber optic cable.

Aerial fiber optic cable is designed for outside installation on poles. and it should be considered in the protection from   the destruction of the nature and man-made damage. Aerial cable can save installation in using the existing overhead pole line  and shortens the construction period. Aerial cables are mainly used for secondary trunk level and below and usually applied to flat terrain or low fluctuation area. They are easily affected by the natural disasters, such as typhoons, ice, floods etc. as well as the influence of an outside force and the mechanical strength weakening in themselves. Therefore, the failure rate of aerial fiber optic cables are higher than the pipeline or directly buried fiber optic cables.

Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Categories

As per the Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Installation methods: Catenary Fiber Cable, Self-Supporting Fiber Optic Cable.

Catenary Fiber Cable
A regular outdoor loose tube cables that can be helically lashed to a messenger or another cable (common in CATV).

GYTC8S Aerial Optical Fiber Cable

  • Good moisture resistance performance and crush resistance performance
  • Made of stranded wires as the supporting part that are completed with a polyethylene sheath to be figure 8 structure.
  • Corrugated steel tape armored and polyethylene outer sheath provide the crush resistance and gun shot resistance features
  • Strong the tensile strength and water blocking system.

GYXTC8Y Aerial Optic Fiber Cable

  • A light self-supporting cable with the figure-8 shape in the cross section
  • Aerial environment for long haul communications.
  • High tensile strength of stranded wires meet the requirement of self-supporting,duct and buried method.
  • Steel wires and loose tubes filled with waterproof compound to ensure compact and longitudinally water blocking.

GYXTC8S Aerial Fiber Cable

  • Suitable for installation in aerial environment for long-haul communications in 4-core to 12-core types.
  • Water resistant tape provides water tight property
  • Corrugated steel tape and the polyethylene outer sheath provide crush resistance and gun shot resistance
  • Providing excellent strain performance and convenient installation.

Self-Supporting Aerial Cable or All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable
ADSS Cables are usually made of heavier jackets and stronger metal or aramid strength members. Nowadays, the self-supporting aerial fiber optic cables are more widely used by people.

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When considering aerial fiber optic deployment, which types of aerial cable solution is most cost effective for you. ADSS cable is more expensive than loose tube cable (using in catenary wire installation), but labor and material costs can be lower for ADSS. And while ADSS hardware on a cost-per-pole basis is higher, this is often offset by the elimination of strand or lashing wire. In a word, explore your options based on your situation and then decide what makes the most sense for you. For example, in areas where a strand is already in place, catenary wire aerial fiber optic cables could be more cost-effective, while the opposite might be true in an area without a strand in place.


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