What is Fiber Optic Cable Definition

Fiber Optic Cable is high-speed data transmission medium or light transmission tool. Fiber Optic Cable is uses glass or plastic threads (fibers, transparent materials) that can carry beams of light to transmit data.

Digital data is transmitted through the cable via rapid pulses of light. Light beams that pulses injected by a laser or an LED do total reflection along a glass or plastic threads (fibers).

The receiving end of a fiber optic transmission translates the light pulses into digital data. This is the Fiber Optic Cable Definition. Below are more information to show what Fiber Optic Cable is.

Fiber Optic Cable is contain a certain amount of glass or plastic fibers (transparent materials) that according the request structure to composition the glass fiber core, and surrounding the glass fiber core is a buffer tube. Fiber Optic Cable has two common types of fiber. They are Single-mode fiber (SMF) and Multi-mode fiber (MMF).

Compared with copper media, Fiber is greatly improved in security, reliability or network performance. In addition, the bandwidth of Fiber Optic Cable transmission is quite bigger that the copper cable. This means that Fiber Optic Cable is the inevitable choice for the formation of larger networks.

At the same time, the cost of Fiber Optic Cable higher than the copper cable. Fiber optic cables can transmit data via light waves. It means that they can transfer information at the speed of light. In other words Fiber optic cables is the fastest data transfer rates.

Compared to copper wires or telephone lines, the Fiber Optic Cable is less susceptible to noise and interference. But Fiber Optic Cable is more fragile. As the fiber optic cables provide fast transfer speeds and large bandwidth. A large part of the Internet backbone will use Fiber Optic Cable.Fiber optic technology has become increasingly popular for local Internet connections.

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