What is Fiber Optic Cable Made of?

Fiber optic cable mainly made of the optical fiber (thin as hair glass wire) and plastic protective casing skin. There is no silver, gold, aluminum and other metals inside.Generally no recycling value.

Optical fiber cable is a certain number of optical fibers in a certain way to form a cable core, outsourcing a sheath, and some also covered the outer layer, to achieve optical signal transmission of a communication line. Comparing with copper cable Communication fiber optic cable has larger transmission capacity, long relay distance,small size,light weight, no electromagnetic interference. Since 1976 has developed into the trunk, offshore and transpacific submarine cable transmission and communication, network, private network backbone line, and began to develop the local subscriber loop distribution network field, for FTTH, broadband integrated service digital network for the transmission line.

Fiber optic cable history

In 1976, the Baer Institute in Atlanta, built the first optical fiber communication experiment system, using containing 144 fiber cable made by the Western Electric Co. In 1980 commercial fiber made of multimode fiber application to indoor interoffice trunk and a few long line.In 1983, the single-mode Commercial fiber optic cables began to be used on long-haul lines.In 1988, the first fiber optic cable spanning the Atlantic sea between the United States and the United Kingdom was successfully launched. The first submarine fiber optic cable across the Pacific Ocean was soon built in.

In 1978, China developed own communication optical fiber cable,  adopted multimode fiber, and the cable structure was laminated. The field test was carried out successively in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and other places. It was tried shortly as an intermediate trunk line in the indoor telephone network, gradually used for long distance lines after 1984, and began to use single-mode optical fiber.

Fiber optic cable network is the cornerstone of information highway

Optical fiber cable is the main transmission tool of all kinds of information network in information society. If the Internet is called the information superhighway, then the optical cable network is the cornerstone of the information highway – the physical routing of the Internet. As soon as a cable is damaged and blocked, the “information superhighway” in that direction is destroyed. Through the optical cable transmission of information, in addition to the usual telephone, telegraph, fax, and now there are a large number of transmitting television signals, bank remittances, stock prices and other information can not be interrupted. At present, transmission mode of long-distance communication optical cable has been developed from PDH to SDH, the transmission rate from the original 140MB/S to 2.5GB/S, 4X2.5GB/S, 16X2.5GB/S or even higher, that is to say, one of the core can be opened 30 thousand, 120 thousand, 480 thousand or even more. Such a large amount of cable transmission. Once the block not only caused huge losses to the telecommunications sector, due to poor communication, will cause a lot of inconvenience to the masses. Such as computer users can not access the Internet, the stock market is not known, the bank cannot exchange, remote access to naught. Cannot transfer all kinds of information.In remote mountainous areas, a cable break, it will make several counties in the county and even along the cable communication on the isolation, become the island, due to the government organs and the people’s loss is immeasurable.


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