Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cable

What is Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cable?

A Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cable is connectized with a certain fiber optic connectors, such as SC ,FC, LC,ST,MU,E2000,MTRJ,MPO connectors etc. It can be categorized as indoor Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cable and outdoor Pre Assembly Fiber Optic Cable.

Types of Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cable

Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cable

  • Pre-terminated cables reduce the time and cost associated with on-site connector terminations and testing
  • Connectors are machine-polished, fully-tested and inspected to the highest industry standards, meaning consistent high termination quality and performance
  • Compact, yet robust fanout kits offer excellent fibre protection during hauling and installation
  • Mini fanout kits are ideal for any enclosure installation with 20mm holes
  • Preterminated loose tube cables can also be directly plugged into the equipment (no need for enclosures)

Fan Out Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Pigtail

  • High quality, machine-polished connectors for consistent low loss performance
  • Geometry compliant connector endfaces offer low loss repeatability and intermateability
  • Standards-based testing practices provide repeatable and traceable results
  • Video-based inspection ensures connector endfaces are free of defects and contamination
  • Large stocked range of multi-fibre cable constructions and connectors for fast turnaround times

Common Fiber Optic Patch Cable with Pre Terminated Connectors


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