What is an Optical Cable?

The optical cable usually knows as two type cables,The main materials are optical fiber.

  1. Optical fiber cable
  2. Digital Optical Cable

Digital optical cable

An optic fiber connector system commonly know as a TOSLINK cable or optic cable. The standard audio cables. Used in consumer audio equipment. connected a digital optical socket through the digital audio stream connected the components(CD,DVD player,DAT recorders.computers,modern video game consoles, to an AV receiver that can decode two channels of uncompressed lossless PCM audio.)

The electrical signal converted to an optical signal before the signal through the cable.When the signal reaches the receiver then converted to electrical signal again. Mostly reduce the signal loss through the transfer.

Optical fiber cable

Also know as fiber optic cable ,similar to the electrical cable. Used to carry light. The optic fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layer and contained protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be install.According to the fiber optic application projects, the optical fiber cable can make in many different types.

The basic structure of optical cable is generally composed of cable core reinforcing steel wire,fire and sheath ,other components. Like waterproof layer,cushion layer,insulated metal conductor and so on.

Few types fiber optical cable can used to produce the digital optical cable.Such as inexpensive 1 mm plastic optical fiber, higher-quality multi strand plastic optical fibers, or quartz glass optical fibers, depending on the desired bandwidth and application.

The connectors at the end of digital optical cable are called Toslink (or EIA-J) connectors. The connectors at the end of optical fiber cables are fiber optic connectors included SC/FC/LC/ST/MTRJ/E2000/MU fiber optic connectors.Mainly used to connect the fiber optic equipment to transfer the light signal. The fiber optical cable with connectors mainly used in the indoor fiber optic projects FTTX. Most of the fiber optic cables are no need the connectors during the fiber bone projects. The optic fiber can be spliced when they meet the points.

Summary for Optical Cable

In a word,both of them are containing the optic fibers to transfer the fiber optic signal. The digital optical cable usually at the length of 1M-5M and the only few type fiber optic cables can use to produce digital optical cables according to the wavelength. However are often keen on to use the fiber optic cables as a long distance transmission medium. Because the fiber optic cable has strong electromagnetic interference, signal attenuation reduction, large capacity, light weight, small size, transmission distance and so on.

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